Something is VERY wrong...

"Something is VERY wrong..."
That's what entrepreneur Ali Brown thought in the spring of 2010,
but she couldn't put her finger on it.

She'd built a wildly successful business, was making great money,
was living in a big house at the beach, had won several national
awards, and was reaching most all her goals. And she was helping
a lot of people in the process too, with her business-training

But she was building and building... and pushing and pushing... and
being busy-busy-busy, not even realizing that subconsciously she
thought that was what she HAD to do to reach her dreams.
Until one day, she woke up one morning, looked at her schedule,
and started to cry.

At that moment, she resented her business, her team, her clients,
everyone on her calendar. She'd lost her joy in what she'd
created. She'd lost her dream by getting caught up in the
"working" for it.

She created this situation herself, so there was no one to blame.
And she realized the one major reason how this got so crazy.
She'd lost her connection.
You know... that one.
Our one with Source... God... the Universe... call it what you will.
The source of everything.

It was always how she'd found her best way. In life, and in her
business. And she'd gotten so busy that she'd lost it.
Her "faith" had been put in the wrong place.
So she decided to reclaim it... to turn her life around.
And find her true calling.

And be of more service to others.
And attract the family she always yearned for.
And to live more thoughtfully and in more joy... from a higher
By taking 3 SIMPLE STEPS, that she'll be revealing on a FREE call
on May 8, and you're welcome to join us.
It's called "Revelation! 3 Keys to Honoring Your Highest
Calling", and you can learn more and register here:

Ali says it's her "coming out" about the spiritual power that's
behind her business success, and she's even a bit nervous about
this. But she knows this information and her story will help so
many others, that it's worth risking feeling so "open".
This gal is onto something big with this, and I think you should
take a look at this here:
I'll be on the call myself, as I always gain something powerful
when I hear Ali speak.


P.S. Don't you feel it's time for a Revelation? See if this
resonates with you here:


Car Lashes

Carlashes™ Fun New Fashion Accessory Makes People Smile

August 1, 2013 — Couture fashion may dominate the runways of Paris and New York, but highways across the world are now home to the latest in auto fashion — eyelashes for your car.

This whimsical headlight jewelry, dubbed CarLashes™, can easily adorn and dress-up the most economical to the most expensive of cars. At just under $27, it is the perfect gift for any woman who’s looking to add a little glam (or just plain fun) to their girly ride.

The revolutionary plastic eyelashes now come in chrome, pink, and frosted colors as well as classic black. And for those divas wanting to add some luxury to their flirty lash, CarLashes™ also makes Crystal Eyeliner – a strip of diamond bling in several colors for less than $20.

CarLashes™ is the creative vision of inventor and cinematic visual effects specialist Robert Small of Park City, Utah. Small and his wife, Dottie, own Turbo Style Products--which sells the eyelashes--launched CarLashes™ in June 2010 and went viral on YouTube almost immediately.

Fast forward to a clever story by CNN’s Jeanne Moos which spotlighted the Small’s creation and suddenly Turbo Style Products was inundated with orders from around the world for the must-have feminine car accessories. Now sold in over ninety countries, CarLashes™ have appeared on television and in print media including: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, The Rachael Ray Show, The Jay Leno Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Marie Claire Magazine, and Family Circle Magazine.

News sites, blogs, Facebook and other social media sites in various languages have written about and posted photos of the lovely lashes. Over 65,000 Facebook fans now follow CarLashes™. Many women comment about the adoration they receive just driving to the grocery store.

“Since adding the lashes and liner, I have had more people stop and admire my car.
It's crazy. People hang out their windows while driving and smile and give me a big thumbs up!”

CarLashes™ aren’t just for the style-conscience fashionista. They’re also for spirited gals who just want to have fun and make a few people smile along the way.

“These are the cutest things EVER!!!! They are the bomb. Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You for bringing one more positive creation to our world!”




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